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  • Job Minimum degree Work experience Hiring Salary Position details
  • Medium voltage electrical engineer Bachelor and above More than 2 years 1 Interview


    1. Good foreign language skills in electrical and other related majors; good English reading and writing skills in this major; good oral translation skills;

    2. Understand medium voltage switchboard structure;

    3. Familiar with software editing and parameter setting of integrated protection device;

    4. Have debugging ability of medium voltage switchboard;

    5. Strong ability to accept new products and new technologies and education background;

    6. Ability to use EPLIN for electrical design;

    7. Familiar with professional standards, adaptability and strong pressure resistance

    8. I love my job, have a strong sense of responsibility and can travel on business.


    1. 3-5 years or above working experience in independent electrical design of medium-voltage and high-voltage air insulated switchboards or Marine air insulated medium-voltage switchboards (12kV and below) for medium-voltage and land use KYN12-28, KYN12-18, KYN12-76;

    2. Familiar with switchboard function, performance and mechanical linkage;

    3. Familiar with ABB, Siemens, Schneider and domestic MEDIUM voltage circuit breakers, selection of comprehensive protection device, and ability of pre-sales scheme; Ability to independently provide and determine technical solutions for customers;

    4. Familiar with Word, EXCEL, CAD and other software;

    5. At least 2 years working experience in low voltage distribution design.

    If interested, please send your resume to HR email: HR@cs-grkj.com