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Test services

The company has perfect testing resources and experienced team. Help customers to solve the problems of electromagnetic compatibility, comprehensive environment, mechanical environment, climate environment and other problems in the early stage of product development and design, and established good cooperative relations with a number of certification bodies. According to the different needs of customers, for each customer to order a detailed and reasonable test plan, more quickly confirm the test target and positioning, to provide quick testing services for your products.
Test services Testing services
Test services

Provide testing service to ensure product quality and safety

  • Vibration test
    Vibration test

    Test scope: Complete vertical and horizontal sinusoidal, random and impact vibration tests, which can be widely used in electronics, instruments, instruments, and other fields.

    Key indicators:

    Maximum thrust: 78.4kN

    Frequency range: 1 ~ 2000Hz

    Maximum acceleration: 980m/s

    Applicable standards:

    Gjb150.16a, GJB4.7 Vibration test Method

  • Temperature and humidity test
    Temperature and humidity test

    Scope of test: Used to test the heat, cold, dry and moisture resistance of the product in various environments. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instrumentation, auto parts, plastic rubber products, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace, photovoltaic and other industries testing.

    Key indicators:

    Working volume: 1300mm*1200mm*1300mm; Temperature range: -70℃ ~ +150℃

    Humidity range: 10%RH ~ 95%RH; Temperature change rate: ≦5℃/min

    Applicable standards:

    GB2423.1 Low temperature test method; GB2423.22 Test Method for rate of change of temperature

    GB/T2423.2 High-temperature test method; GB/T2423.3 Test Method for constant moisture and heat

    GB2423 Alternating humidity and heat method

  • Temperature rise test
    Temperature rise test

    Scope of test: Used for constant temperature aging test of large parts, semi-finished products and finished products, and temperature rise test of large equipment under constant temperature, so as to analyze and evaluate the performance and behavior of products under the proposed environmental conditions during the test.

    Key indicators:

    Working volume: 9000mm*5500mm*4000mm

    Temperature range: normal temperature ~ +70℃

    Applicable standards:

    GB/T2423.2 High temperature test Method

    GJB150.3 High temperature test method

  • Tension test
    Tension test

    Scope of test: Tensile test, compression test, bending test, shear test and other mechanical properties test of metallic and non-metallic materials, mainly test samples with relatively large force value.

    Key indicators:

    Maximum tension: 50KN

    Applicable standards:

    GB/T 16825 Tensile and pressure testing machine test and calibration of force measurement system

  • Salt spray test
    Salt spray test

    Range of tests: combined tests under severe conditions several times more severe than the natural environment, such as salt spray, drying, wetting, standing at room temperature, low temperature and other environments, such as automotive parts, aviation equipment, building materials, electroplating coating, electronic motor systems and other metal electrochemical corrosion resistance.

    Key indicators:

    Working volume: 1300mm*700mm*400mm

    Spray mode: continuous, cycle optional

    Applicable standards:

    Test methods for enclosure protection classes;

    GJB150.8 Rain test method;

    GJB4.13 Shell waterproofing test method;

  • Rain test
    Rain test

    Scope of test: Applicable to external lighting and signal devices and automotive lamps and lanterns shell protection, can provide realistic simulation of electronic products and components during transportation and use may be subjected to water and spray test and other environments, in order to achieve the test of various products waterproof performance.

    Key indicators:

    IPX5, IPX6

    Applicable standards:

    GB 4208-2008 (IEC60529) enclosure protection class (IP code) test method

    GJB150.8 Rain test method

    GJB4.13 Enclosure Waterproofing Test Method

  • Temperature humidity vibration comprehensive experimental platform
    Temperature humidity vibration comprehensive experimental platform

    Scope of test: Applicable to aviation, aerospace, water surface, auto parts information electronic instruments, materials, electricians, electronic products, various electronic components in a comprehensive harsh environment to test their performance indicators.

    Key indicators:

    Working volume: 1300mm*1200mm*1300mm

    Temperature range: -70℃ ~ +150℃

    Humidity range: 10%RH ~ 95%RH

    Maximum thrust: 78.4kN

    Applicable standards:

    GJB 899A-2009 Reliability Appraisal and acceptance Test Methods

  • Sweden Hexagon three coordinates measuring instrument
    Sweden Hexagon three coordinates measuring instrument

    It can measure the length, indexing and geometry of parts in three dimensional space without dead Angle

    Realize the precision matching degree between parts and 3D model

    Measurement accuracy :(2.5+3.5L/500mm) m

  • 3D scanner
    3D scanner
    It can be used to detect and analyze the geometric structure of objects or environments in the real world, and carry out 3d reconstruction calculation by scanning the shape, which can be widely used in industrial design, defect detection, reverse engineering and so on.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
    Electromagnetic compatibility EMC

    Test scope: it is widely used in various electronic industries. In order to prevent the electromagnetic radiation of products from exceeding the standard, it is necessary to measure the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

    Key indicators:

    EMI receiver technical specifications: sensitivity -120dbm ~30dBm, frequency range 2Hz~10Hz;

    Technical specifications for power amplifier: frequency range 10KHz~18GHz

    Applicable standards:

    EMI test items: CE101, CE102, RE101 and RE102;

    EMS test items: CS101, CS106, CS114, CS116, RS101 and RS103;

    Grounding capacitance and isolation impedance tests: CS01, CS06, GD22, etc.